How It Works

  • How does it work?
    Bookeya is an internet centric medium that allows people to find a suitable new service providers in their area. Our aim is to assist service providers to improve their practice by connecting them to new clients . This forum enhances your skills and practice management facilities-it anticipates a unique way to liaise and schedule in new clients.
  • Is Bookeya operating in my area?
    Bookeya provides services in multiple areas and we are increasing our services promptly into new cities every month. To find out more information about our operations in your area contact us.
  • How do people find out about Bookeya?
    All the effort is put in by us! We assist in targeting thousands of customers daily through various marketing forums including social media, digital advertising, search engines and our referral network. You only have to be concerned about the phenomenal care of your clients.
  • Does my practice qualify to join the program?
    Bookeya works entirely with service providers delivering great client experiences. In order to be suitable for our program, your record must consist of positive reviews online and should equip people with a welcoming environment. 
  • How much does Bookeya cost?
    We provide a very cinch pricing model: Service providers pay for new clients that receive their service. Practice Pricing depends on certain factors,  such as the practice location and participation in business networks. For a personalised quote for your practice contact us.
  • How is Bookeya different?
    Our aspiration is to bring merit to your practice.Comparatively we do not charge fees for the service. You only have to pay for results. Moreover there are no time commitments or hidden fees.
  • How fast can i get started on Bookeya?
    Bookeya reviews applications within 2 business days.After we approve your practice we will reach your office to schedule a meeting with our team. After a concise assimilation and profile setup, your practice will be ready to receive its first client on our platform.